Sunday, August 14, 2011


What? Bruschetta, Jalapeno Poppers, Potato Wedges, Grilled Salmon, Ribs, Tandoori Chicken, Grilled Veggies, and Cake
Where? Lum Family Household
Rating: 9 out of 10. If only it didn't hail...
Details: The family is in town! Run for the hills! (Just kidding!) It was decided since a good chunk of the extended family would be in town that we would celebrate Grandma Jackson's 80th Birthday. What better way to celebrate than with some delicious grilled goodies?

Classic Charlie Lum appetizer, the Bruschetta was fantastic and disappeared within minutes of plating.  The Jalapeno Poppers were extraordinarily spicy, which should be expected of Jalapeno Poppers.  The Potato Wedges were pretty good for a side dish.  The grilled Salmon was amazing and is always a smash hit.  The Tandoori Chicken added just the right amount of spice to this fantastic meal.  The grilled veggies were perhaps the fastest moving item next to the salmon.  It was quite a selection as we had Eggplant, Zucchini, Peppers, Onions, and Asparagus.  And the Ribs... ohh my, the Ribs! Smoked and grilled for 6 hours, these were among the best the Lum house has ever produced.  Of course, no birthday celebration is complete without a cake! A 2-tiered vanilla beauty, it was phenomenal.
The Birthday Girl!


Jalapeno Poppers

Potato Wedges

Grilled Salmon

Tandoori Chicken

Eggplant and Potato Wedges

Grilled Veggies

mmm... Ribs

The Feast!


Monday, August 8, 2011

Charlie's Birthday Dinner

What? Lobster, Steamed Salmon, Beef Hor Fun, Beef & Gai Lan (Chinese Broccoli), Chicken Hot Pot, Chicken & Green Beans, Seafood Hot Pot
Where? Rainbow Restaurant (
Rating: 10 out of 10. The Perfect Meal.
Details: "The Rainbow Restaurant Of Farmington Is The Home Of The Finest Chinese Cuisine In The Area," is a statement found on the Rainbow website and also found to be quite the truth. The Lum family has been dining at Rainbow for many years not and we delight in the atmosphere, family-run style, and, of course, the food!!!! To celebrate Charlie's 62nd birthday, twelve of the Lum's gathered to feast on the marvelous creations laid out by Tommy (head chef at Rainbow). 

The Steamed Salmon was the best yet, cooked in a black bean sauce with broccoli to tender perfection. Though cooked with black beans, it was not overly salty. The Beef Hor Fun (also Beef Chow Fun) was another standout dish. With the right amount of bean sprouts, onions, and beef, this dish is always a winner with the Lum family! Moving on to the Beef & Gai Lan (Chinese Broccoli), we hit up a simple and delicious plate. The gai lan was cooked, yet still crisp, allowing for the tenderness of the beef to play out in the combination. The Chicken Hot Pot was cooked good, keeping up with traditional Chinese cooking by serving the chicken on the bone. Another classic, Chicken & Green Beans, was delicious! The Seafood Hot Pot was a winner! A savory combination of shrimp, scallops, tofu, and vegetables made for an outstanding dish! Finally, the lobster was incredible. It was plated creatively, served on a bed of noodles in a white sauce, it even came with the head still included!

The lucky lobster selected for the birthday feast.

 Steamed Salmon

Beef Hor Fun 

Beef & Gai Lon

Chicken Hot Pot 

 Chicken & Green Beans

Seafood Hot Pot


 The Feast!